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Vancouver is in the province of British Columbia. Many people have come here as refugees. The refugees are from China, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. These groups of people make Canada and Vancouver  a  melting pot of different cultures. Refugees are people who leave a country for political reasons. Vancouver is also known as "The Gateway to The Pacific" because it lies almost directly on the pacific ocean.

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Constitutional Monarchy.

The country of Canada has a government known as a constitutional monarchy. Their consititution explains the power of the government and owes allegiance to a king or queen. The prime minister,Peirre Trudeau,is the head of government or parliament.Parliament is the legislature. Pierre Trudeau is most famously known for bringing the Canadian Charter

Civil Rights

Canada has there own rights and freedoms similar to that of the United States of America. They call this The Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms. Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was the one who wanted and this to pass and then signed it with Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain.

The Seperatist Movement in Quebec.

In 1980 and then again in 1995, the separatists, or people who wanted Quebec to separate from  Canada, asked for a vote for the separation of Quebec.  The request was shot down both times but they promised to try again. Quebec in predominately french speaking, which was a driving point in the separatist movement.

Canada's economy

Canada has a very strong impact on the world's economy. One reason is the vast amounts of timber it produces due to the very large forests. These forests also show how well Canada preserves it's wildlife. Another one of Canada's exports is oil. Canada also has some transportation barriers that slow down the shipment of its exports. One of the major barriers is natural, the Rocky Mountains. Another barrier is the great lakes. Although there are some transportation corridors, like when Former United States president Bill Clinton signed the N.A.F.T.A, or the North American Free Trade Agreement, which took away the tariffs that stood in the way of the United States, Canada, and Mexico trading there goods. Canada's imports include automobiles, natural gas, machinery, and crude oil, Canada's gets most of their imports from the United States.  Canada's major industries are aerospace, biomechanics, digital media, functional food, automotive, and medical devices.

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