The Maze 0f Bones
                               39 Clues  
                    Book Report by Ellis

There is no illustrator.

The genre is mystery and the plot is man vs man. The protagonists are Amy and Dan and the main antagonists are the Holts, a family of their cousins.   The main characters are Amy, Dan and Nellie, their au pair.  There are many characters, but the primary ones include the Holts family, and many cousins, including Ian and Natalie, Irina, Jonah, Alistair and the Starlings.

To describe Amy and Dan I would say: brave, adventurous, respectful, and a bit gullible.   

The main settings are Boston and Paris.

Four words to describe the setting are dangerous, mysterious, dark and adventures.

I  would recommend this book to people who like mysteries, action, suspense and trying to figure out what happens next, and the author, Rick Riordan.    This is book one in a series of eleven.


At the start of this action-packed book, Amy and Dan go to their Grandmother Grace's funeral. As a part of her will, they had a choice - pick a clue to start off the 39 clues so they could be the most powerful people in the world or get one million dollars. They picked the clue which was "The fine print to guess, seek out Richard S." Other family members also took the clue. Amy and Dan did not know who Richard S was, so they explored the rooms in their Grandmother's mansion, which was full of treasure in every room, until they heard foot steps, but it was only their cousin Alistair. Amy and Dan trusted him a bit. Dan found a secret door. Amy, Dan, and Alistair went down the staircase to a huge, hidden library. Amy found a book called Poor Richards Almanack and grabbed it just as their grandmother's mansion caught on fire.  Luckily, they got out in time. They saw Alistair coming out of the building, his clothes were smokey black and he stole the book. He betrayed them.

Amy and Dan went to the Franklin Institute where they found a clue that read "Soon must I leave this place of wonder but leave behind what hath driven my clan asunder." Suddenly, the Starlings (one of their rivals) snuck up on them and took a picture of the clue. As the Starlings where leaving, the museum exploded, and their cousins were injured.  They knew they had to go to Paris because that is where Benjamin Franklin lived. While in Paris with Nellie, they search for more clues, but were tricked a lot by other family members.  This was every man for himself. Irina trapped them in her secret headquarters. Amy and Dan were seen on the cameras, chased by guards, and almost buried alive if it hadn't been for the Holts getting them out, in exchange for what they knew. Dan accidentally threw a bomb that made the Holts pass out. In the end, they went underground to the catacombs where they were looking for Benjamin Franklin's bones. Beside his bones were skulls with numbers labeled on them. Amy knew they were coordinates to a place, but Ian and Natalie came in pointing a gun at them. Alistair burst in and tackled Natalie to the floor and said "Run!" They went to where the clue lead and found the next clue, it was on Mozart but that's the next book!

Something I noticed about the writing was, it was told in third person.  It reads fast and the dialogue rapid between the characters.  He describes the scene clearly in your mind.

The book reminded me of the revolutionary war and the role of Benjamin Franklin in forming the United States.

My connection to the book is I am a big fan of Benjamin Franklin and his inventions, plus I like mysteries.  I like learning about old stuff that spies used to use and the history of Paris was very interesting.            

my visual is Benjamin Franklin