Hillary Clinton's fall to do list.

By Brianna Keilar

This article states what Hillary Clinton describes would she would advertise if she runs for president. She begins with reaching out to the average american and states "If you work hard and play by the rules, you deserve the possibility of a good life for you and your family," She tries to convince those with financial anxiety that there is a chance. She has conferences about women rights and equality. She starts by embracing her gender. She states "We see it in the motherhood penalty, with many women forced to take a pay cut when they have children while men often get a pay bump," she said. "So let's be clear; these aren't just women's issues, they're family issues, they are American issues and they hold back our entire economy." She's saying that this leads to a financial disadvantage for women compared to men. These are most of the "clear ideas" that she has for a presidency.

These examples are opportunity and rights. The average american, or even those in debt, could possibly solve there financial troubles, and have a good life, but there is a limitation as she says "play by the rules" or the law. These people have the rights and freedoms to do so. Finally she tried to give women equal rights to men and the same opportunity as she states that motherhood may be and issue and that there are some things that she could do to help.

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