Television has always been a World Cup audience preferred media

cheap fifa 15 coins Television has always been a World Cup audience preferred media, however, with more than 420 million Web users and Internet media with the mainstream. Research data show that 52.7% get World Cup viewers use the Internet as the main conduit for information. The Internet medium is complementary to traditional media no longer has become a mainstream channel of information access, sharing and according to surveys, in front of a live network media selection for the World Cup, 84.3% video users to cool to watch the World Cup.

Law enforcement level and the character qualities are not sufficient to enable them to join the ranks, from one side affect the international reputation of Chinese soccer media said that "super-court level of law enforcement because of the ' Golden whistle ' jail and become better", a word out of the sense of the sweep of football gambling black twist. To bring to justice those calls are likely to clean up law enforcement environment, safeguarding fair competition, but it was impossible to raise the level of referee directly. Online also could see Lu business capable referee deplores the criminal for life from football activities for violation.

The BBC also revealed that depression arena in Curitiba has to be completed until May 15. While FIFA continues to Brazil remain confident in the preparations, but as the World Cup approaches, Brazil questioned preparations is clear to outsiders, according to the statistics, in World Cup stadiums being built, there are 7 construction workers have so far lost their lives. Infrastructure concerns.

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