LBCC Library's Summer Bridge Event, 2014

This is the library's involvement in paving the road to academic success for our in coming college freshmen.

From Library Department Head's leadership...two Summer Bridge Teams were created.


Librarians: Gabriel Beeler and David Goto


Team 2 was initiated by Shamika Simpson, the Outreach Librarian. Joining her are fellow librarians: William Colin and Eleanor Sonido.

The 4th of August, Monday

A day to keep the ball rolling....

Summary: The first day activities were great as everyone participated in every activity. It also allowed them to meet and make new friends. All of the activities gave the students the chance to make use of available technology: their computers and cell phones. Taking pictures of the various places in and out of the library was very innovative, thanks to Shamika for her great ideas. I would however suggest that in the next library tour, we should allow the students to talk to the staff at their stops as in : circulation desk, reference counter, the periodicals...etc.. this way they get to know people within the library too and gather more information should they have questions in their minds about the place. We also should emphasize that there is an online version of the library and there are available resources for them online. From talking to the students they were concerned with the available textbooks: where to purchase them and if they could borrow them from the library. 

The 6th of August, Wednesday

This is a description of the second session. The lesson plan for Wednesday was also used on the 7th, Thursday. The students remained in the classroom for lectures and demonstrations done by the librarians. Topics that were covered were how to start a research using the Internet search engines, Wikipedia, directories and meta search engines as well as web evaluation, citations, copyrights and plagiarism.

Individual instructions were provided if students need help.

A visit from the Department Head was a pleasant surprise.Students remained focus on the lecture demonstrations.

Every student gained a lot of knowledge from the online tools available on the Net as in a tool for organizing ideas, a citation tool and google drive. The Invisible Web was also discussed, along with the databases and the catalog. At the end a survey was done as well a huge group picture was taken in front of the Library.

Every freshman should be encourage to attend this Program. The library's participation in this program went smooth and very meaningful for the students. If there are things to be improved, it would be the distribution of information through the allocated hours for each activity or discussion. People management or classroom management can be improved and more emphasis should be given to what resources we have rather than what the Net has, otherwise students would think that they do not need the library any longer since everything can be found in the Net. As a whole,we did very well in this Program and here's what students actually said: [please click link]

Student comments about the Summer Bridge:

Student 1

Student 2