Examining alternative policies to deal with the problem of school violence

Alternative policy #1 (chapter 19)

A) the policy is discipline which include suspension or detention

B) board of the education proposed the policy

C) the policy that was proposed , it would be in places

D) advantages is that school safety keeping student safe and giving stuff time to handle crisis. disadvantages chapter 19 is that thier school suspension and detention. also it doesn't provide any other social support. farrington provide many social support for crisis situation.

alternative policy # 2 (press charge)

A) the policy is that when student fight out the school any of them can press charge and police would like to call the school about the fight.

B) state and department of education proposed this policy

C) i think it would be in places and others sates. they proposed ever since there was a lot of trouble in this islands.

D) advantages is that student will get help from the police and stop about the fighting student would learn from it. disadvantages the parents is not involve and we should not press charge at each other because we don't know who's fault it is

this graph shows how the school violence ever since 1992-2008. the important of this graph is to show the school violence is decreasing however its still a problem

this is the example of school violence.i choose this picture because fighting is the most school violence

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it posted in 2006.this information is relate to my topic.this website reveal to anything about the author.this information come from the website. the purpose of this information is to inform and entairten.

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this information was published in 2012 .Yes this relate to my topic and answer because of the pictures. it reveal to the anything about the author. yes the information is supported by evidence. the purpose of the information is to inform and teach to the people.

kealoha, j. (Director) (2013, December 5). school violence. PID. Lecture conducted from farrington high school, honoluluu.

this interview was conducted by December 5.the intended audience was for me and my group.the sponsor was our counselor .the information was supported with evidence by the Counselor. the purpose of this information is to teach .

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