Learning to Teach
Day 6: Day after a Snow Day

My expectation coming into this lesson is that most of my students would have their haiku decks done and that we could get through many presentations so that we would not be behind according to my lesson plans.

This of course was wrong.

Most students still had the presentation done. I still got a handful of students that had similar reactions to the picture above.

I also learned the new version of my dog ate my homework; my computer did not work . Now I had assigned this project on Friday, allowing time after school on Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday for students to complete this assignment. My host teacher's voice then started to come into my head as I heard the excuses, "If you give them work to do at home, 9 times out of 10 they won't do it."

Most of the presentations that were completed worked well, however a lot of the students used note cards, which I allowed since this was their first time with the material and first time speaking in front of this class. Most of the students just read from the note cards and did not make proper eye contact or other presentation skills. This is something I note that I have to address when the students have to present in the future.

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