Turkey's hotspot issues are affecting Turkey in a bad way. Some of these issues have been around for some time, while others have recently surfaced. Our group has been tracking current events in Turkey over the course of the year and have determined that these are the four most pressing issues.

Issue #1-ISIS

This year has been a very bad year for Turkey in the transnational issues category. ISIS has been pushing farther into Turkey from the south. ISIS has been trying to take over Turkey for a while and is still trying. ISIS has attacked Turkish militants and Turkish people a lot this year just to spread Islam. Turkey has not been doing much to fight back, but in the future I can see them and want them to fight back.

Issue #2-Economy

The issue with economy started when Turkey started accepting foreign investors from Europe and emerging countries like China and Russia. Then, the foreign investors turned away. The country is struggling with the high unemployment rates and poverty. Turkey is the 120th poorest nation because of the economy. Turkey has lost a third of it's stock market value in the last year.

Issue #3-Women's Rights

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Women's rights are an important issue in Turkey because the treatment of women so far has been unsatisfactory. This is because some adult men have thoughts that women may be lesser than them. For example, President Erdogan believes that women are not equal to men, and that they should not have the same jobs as men because they are "delicate." Women have been fighting inequality like this in Turkey by following activists and protesters. Zafer Berkol is a woman who is trying to help more women break into politics, also generally known as a male dominated world. Groups such as the Purple Roof are helping women recover from violence received from their partners. Out of the economy, ISIS, and the geography, women's rights in Turkey is ranked number three out of the four issues because it is not as largely portrayed as the trouble with ISIS and the economy.

Issue #4-Geography (pollution)

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