Cyber Security

What, How, and Why?

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is a program that focuses on protecting computers, programs, and networks from viruses and other unauthorized change or destruction. Cyber Security is also a very important part of Government security. They spend a lot of Government funds to keep their computers--and all the important information on them--safe.

What does a Cyber Security professional do?

Cyber Security managers are responsible for knowing where a network’s possible weaknesses lie. They make sure they always know the methods that Cyber Criminals use to hack into computers. They do this in order to prevent any attacks that may come their way. Cyber Security professonals help prevent many situations that may cause important organizations to lose important client data.

Why is Cyber Security an important job?

Cyber Security is an important job because without it many computer hackers would be able to get a hold of very important information. The Government especially would trouble because almost all of the important government secrets are kept on computers. If cyber criminals got a hold of this information, who knows what would happen?

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