Bo Jackson

Honesty Dickerson

Bo Jackson is a famous Alabamian.He was born in Bessemer,Alabama and he loved sports.He was famous because he was really spectacular at baseball and football player.He had baseball and football games as a child.

Bo Jackson was born on Noveber30, 1962. He had sibbilings he had 10 brothers and sisters.He grew up in Bessemer,Alabama.He went to school in McAdory High School in McCalla.His mother is Florence Bond and his father is A.D. Adam .

Bo Jackson is famous because he was a magnificent running back.His 51st award in football was in 1985,December 7th. Jackson also loved baseball.He won lots of medals.

He won lots of medals so let me tell you about why he won them and why he was good at it!

Bo Jackson had played football and baseball as a kid,ask metioned before.He also won the heighest man trophy,in 1985. He own lots of other medals but there are way to many to name all.


I am not an auburn fan but I still think he is a magnificent player.