kiara watson

7h digital photography and eaiting

we were given an assessment saying that we had to choose one of the school values and find four pictures to represent the one we choose, i chose teamwork we had to put effects on the pictures and and different fonts

this is one of the most true things i have seen whilst doing this project because these people show the most teamwork and bravery

I added a blue/green effect to show more green in the scene

this shows teamwork on how to save a life because you need more than just one doctor

I added a vintage effect to show the star clearer as well as a border

this goes to show that it isn't just people who use teamwork it is animals to

I added a green effect as well as a border i also over layer the word teamwork to make it stand out more

building a house would be almost impossible to do alone so this is showing that is does take more than one to accomplish something

I added a dark blue effect a border and added the word teamwork in a dripping effect

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