Vietnam War

November 1 1955 - April 30 1975

Who: North Vietnam South Vietnam

What: North Vietnam tries to take over south Vietnam for communism and the United States didn't want that so. They joined the war and tried to help south Vietnam so Vietnam doesn't turn into a communist state. Twenty years later north Vietnam takes over south Vietnam and they loose the war.

When: November 1st 1955 - April 30 1975

Were: Vietnam

Why: United States didn't want Vietnam to be a communist state so they tried to help. At first the us people supported the war but 20 years was long later they didn't because the parent kid were dying and now one liked that. Also by the end they lost the war and all that people died for nothing and then it was a communist state

Gist: The Vietnam war was a Cold War  because the United States didn't want that country to be a communist country and also there was no actual combat.

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