Where does it come from and Where is it going?

It's hard to imagine where everything in my life came from. Where did this computer come from? Where did this Gatorade water bottle come from? Most likely these material items came from somewhere where hard labor was enforced, or maybe even a completely automated factory. Looking at my gatorade bottle specifically, there is not even a label that says where it was made. After a quick google search, no answer either. This saddens me, companies are not willing to disclose where their products come from. Sticking to this watter-bottle, it would be interesting to know where it is going. However, the beauty of this watter-bottle is that it will not be going anywhere because it is reusable so it will stay in my grasp--unless I lose it of course. This bagel I just finished eating from the local deli down the street will be going into my stomach because I did not waste any food. The crumbs may go into the garbage and the plate I  used will go into the washing machine to be used again.

Another way to think about this is to imagine where did all the things in nature come from and where are they going? Today, the gardener is coming. The gardener will cut all of our grass, trim our bushes, and spray his pesticides. The excess grass along with the bush trimmings will most likely go to the trash can and then into the garbage truck. The pesticides will land on the plants, eventually being absorbed, killing anything that goes near. Some pesticides may land on the lemon tree in my backyard. Later, when we forget about these deadly chemicals we may turn these lemons into lemonade and consume the pesticides without even realizing it.

Autobiography Part 2

One form of media that has effected the way I feel about the environment is the Pixar animation studios film, Wall-E. This film tells a story about humans more or less destroying the earth with industrialization and leaving earth all together. Humans leave robots to clean up the earth which is covers in garbage, dirt, and department stores. My immediate reaction to this movie scared me...is this what we are coming to? Are we going to live on lounge chairs and never look up from our multimedia screens? It made me want to preserve the natural beauty of our earth and preserve plants and animals. Very similar to many environmentalists in the Earth Day film, I was inspired.

Autobiography Part 1

The earth is a result of the way we treat it. It saddens me to see plants dying from our pollution. The smog that pollutes our air blocks the beauty of the Earth's blue skies.

I am in love with the earth's beauty. This picture of the ocean symbolizes one of my favorite of earth's spectacles, the beach and ocean. If we do not take proper care of the environment these beauties will cease to exist.

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