Byzantine Empire

Eastern half of the old Roman Empire

Impact on Russia:

Religion: Eastern Orthodoz spread to Russia (Known as Russian Orthodox)

Trade: Many ideas were introduced by Russian Trade

             1. Cyrillic Alphabet                           2. Art Work                    3. Religion               4. Architecture

Contributes to Our Society

Justinian's Code: The laws of the Byzantine Empire based on the "Twelve Tables" of Roman law, because a basis for laws in many European nations
Art and Archetecture: Usually supported the Christian Church

Preserves of Greek and Roman culture: The Byzantine Empire saved the knowledge, art, and ideas of the old Roman and Greek cultures

Reasons why the Empire Lasted so Long:

1. Organized Government                 2. Did not get to be too long             3. Minded their own business

Comparison between Roman and Byzantine

1. Capitol: Rome        2. Religion: Roman Catholic         3. Language: Latin


1. Capitol: Constantinople     2. Religion: Eastern Orthodox       3. Language: Greek

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