Something Seems Fishy

Graph #1  Cole Browne

             Cole Browne   Graph #1  

                                So last year on a beautiful Saturday I woke up. I smelled a smell that anyone could smell. The smell of Swedish Fish. Anyone and everyone loves this smell because it smells like pure joy. I woke up and from my precise sense of smell I determined there were 2000 pounds of Swedish Fish. After many years of enjoying other candy I had forgotten my love for Swedish Fish.  So I decided to order lots and lots of Swedish Fish.  It took around five and a half hours for my 2000 more pounds of Swedish Fish. For 4 and half hours i just admired and swam around with these beautiful fish. They were so majestic and I was not going to let anyone tell me I couldn't do what I wanted with them. I took one last look at the beautiful majestic creatures of Sweden and started eating. I ate constantly not even taking breaks to throw up or breathe. It took me 5.7 hours to eat 3000 pounds of Swedish Fish. I will never regret it, especially because I still have an extra 1000 pounds for a snack.

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