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Why suffer in silence when you are dealing with something as common as hair loss? Know that you are not alone. The sooner you deal with the issue and seek the right treatments the better your chances of recovering. Statistics show that 5% of all women below 30 years of age suffer from thinning hair issues. A staggering 60% women above the age of 70 also deal with the same problems. Female pattern of baldness shows strong genetic reasons, which they may inherit from either of their parents. Application ofrogaine foam can help significantly in all situations of thinning hairline.

Instead of the bad patches, as one comes across in men, in females the thinning begins from the crown area of the head. Miniaturized hair that simply stops growing in link and remain as such, becomes a big cause for worry. These are wispy hairs resembling the ones usually found on the forearm. In women, hair loss symptoms are widening of parts and smaller ponytail.

Treatment for hair loss can vary with the most popular being use of 2% minoxidil for women. However, studies show that comparatively stronger 5% variety usually used in treatment for male baldness also shows positive effects when suggested for women. The only side effect is an increased facial growth of hair. One can use the liquid or the foam formats as desired and its work is prolonging the hair growth phase. This means more time related to hair growth as it reaches full density.

It is important for you to be patient as it takes 3-4 months before you can see any noticeable changes. The earlier you start with the treatment the better results you are going to get. Do you think that you have to change your regular healthcare regime drastically when you have begun treatment? This is not the case and one can go on with their regular perming, coloring, and styling routines without any major changes. This doesn't affect the degree of hair loss nor does it speed up the overall process.

While treatment of falling hair is quite important it is also vital to test that it doesn't indicate something far greater or more serious. Underlying health issues may also lead to hair fall so it's worth examining thoroughly.

  • Hyperandrogenism: unusual quantities of androgen hormone in female body lead to this problem. This in turn also causes hair to fall down at alarming rates. One reason for this may be polycystic ovaries with other symptoms being acne, irregular menstruation, and obesity. Treatment of this issue is extremely important because it leads to infertility as well.
  • Metabolic Syndrome: it refers to 5 different medical conditions that include high BP, presence of belly fat, increasing risks of stroke, heart attack, and diabetes.

If your hair loss is occurring due to Hyperandrogenism it is possible to treat it withminoxidil foam but for other conditions you need to seek immediate medical help.

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