Behavioral Rampage

By: Tyler Weber

ADHD is disorder where a… wait you don’t know what this is do you? Well let me help you. ADHD means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Having ADHD means that a child or adult can’t focus or control themselves. It can make you go OUT OF CONTROL! This can be diagnosed at childhood or adulthood and can continue on throughout your life.

How it all started

ADHD has many causes. Genes play a big role in causes. If a member in your family has ADHD then the is a 4-6 chance that the next child will have ADHD. If you give birth to twins and one of has ADHD you have a 50% chance that the other child will end up having ADHD. If your parents take alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, cigars or take drugs the child may have ADHD.

Leaving you different

ADHD has many effects that come with the disorder. You can have results such as being hyperactive meaning they feel the need to constantly move around. They also may have poor impulsive control and can end up putting themselves at risk and could get in trouble. If you have ADHD you have a short attention span such as flipping through pages of a book quickly and playing with multiple things in a short period of time. You may also have trouble focusing in class. You may also have trouble turning in work on time as well as procrastinating.

The Different Brain

ADHDS blocks some connections that a kid without ADHD would be able to use. ADHD make the kid use their neurotransmitters differently than a kid without. Messages are blocked because there is not enough neurotransmitters to carry the messages on throughout the brain. ADHD also can have different chemical balances than a kid without ADHD. They also have less brain volume than a normal kid would. They also tend to have a smaller prefrontal cortex than a normal kid would. Scientist, also say they have less blood flowing through their brain in the areas where your activity and attention. Brain development is much slower than a normal brain.

How do you know you have ADHD?

ADHD can be diagnosed at childhood or in the between your life and continues on throughout your life. Doctors can also diagnose a child from an attention, hyperactivity and impulsivity perspective. They also try to look at try to look at the person's behavior to diagnose them to. Once ADHD is diagnosed you can’t cure the person with ADHD. You can only manage the symptoms of ADHD. This disorder is also diagnosed from if they are easily distracted or have trouble focusing during class time.

Help from doctors

ADHD isn’t curable but you can manage the symptoms. Medications are mostly used, the most common are ritalin and dexedrine. If you have ADHD you another treatment is going to a therapist. You may go there if you have a big test or project coming up or to deal with anxiety or fears that you may have. Other medications such as strattera and stimulants but the medications has results such as insomnia, headaches, loss of appetite, nervousness and rapid heart beat.


In conclusion,you can end up being different from having ADHD. Now that you understand what ADHD is know you can help them control themselves.They can learn to understand what they are doing wrong. You can help them gain friendships and be more confident and make them enjoy school like you can.

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