ecosystem portfolio


animals                                                                 plants

1. seaturtle                                                           1. seaweed

2 .seahorse                                                          2. algae

3. stonefish                                                          3.sea grass

4. blue headed wrasse                                        4.red algae

5. clownfish


1. hot/cold water

2. humid air


4. rocks

5. sunlight (in some places)

carrying capacity

Carrying capacity is the is the number or quantity that an environment can hold.

Living things also need four thing to survive which are food, water, shelter, and last but not least space.

My population of fish/ underwater plants and stuff like that does change over time I mean the plants grow in different places underwater and then they start to spread then sometimes they die and start to die off in certain sections of the ocean. Fish do the same thing they go through a section where they have a lot of babies and other years they just don't have that many.


Limiting factors are things in an environment that limit the growth of an environment.

One of the biggest predators in the ocean is the shark, because they go around and eat a lot of the things that live in the ocean and they eat/hurt a lot of people too! a way that limiting factors can affect that is like if it is one of the years that I mentioned a second ago where the fish don't have as many babies so there isn't as many of them so that is less food for the sharks.

energy roles

The definition of an energy role is a quantitative measure of the production or consumption by any organism is the role. there are many different types of consumers like 1st 2nd 3rd etc... some of the consumers in the ocean include sharks, fish, whales, etc...

The producers receive their energy from the sun then the others all get their energy frome eachother. for example 1st from producer 2nd from 1st, 3rd from 2nd  etc...

Producers play one of the most important roles in the chain because w/ out them where would all of the others start the food chain at because human/animals can not receive energy from the sun live the producers do and we can not transfer the energy to 1st level 2nd level and 3rd level like they do because we can not start the food chain.

food chains and food webs

A food web is more realistic than a food chain because they show the direction the energy is moving where a food chain just shows that this is eating this and that's about it, because you cant really tell anything else from a picture.

If I removed the shark the marlin population would increase because without the shark the marlin now has one less predator so therefore they will survive longer.

The bottom level are the primary producers then comes the herbivore consumers, next 1st level then 2nd level, then  3rd level, and finally last the top consumers.

Producers are at the bottom level because they start everything and they transfer energy from the sun like us humans can not do. so basically we couldn't really live without them because they are the only ones that can transfer the suns energy.

Top consumers are on the top because the can eat everything in the web/chain/pyramid and they eat the 3rdevel consumers which means they kinda do eat everything in the web/chain/pyramid anyways but just saying.



For photosynthesis to happen a plant needs sunlight sugar and carbon dioxide when they put it all together and it does its "magic" as most people call it because they dont really know what is actually happening inside of the plant...

Photosynthesis takes place in a part of a plant cell called the chloroplasts.


A tropism is the turning of part or a whole plant in response to external stimulus.

I would imaging that there isn't as much tropism in the ocean than there would be on land but one of the plants I know is algae.


decomposers are so important because they decompose things in the ecosystem and turn things into soil or something for the plants to grow in.

some decomposers in the ocean are

1. Bacteria

2. Fungi


Adaptations are important because they help survive by helping the animal adapt to the environment like if it is a desert they are adapted to the heat and hot climate and the low amount of water for example a cactus.

An adaption in my environment would be being able to survive underwater and not having to go up to the top to get water st breathe because you cant run out of breath at the bottom of the ocean and then have to go up to the top to get air.

Placing a fish on land it would probably die in a couple of minutes because they dont breathe air they breathe underwater.

natural selection

Natural selection is basically exactly what it says it explains exactly what it is it is like a selection but it is natural.

Like the goldfish lab where the yellow fish were soon overruled the brown fish because they got caught more than the yellow fish did.

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