Reading Journal

May 20, 2014

Dear Miss Sara,                                                                                                         May22,2014                                                                                                              

I'm I'm raeding a new book called The uelueteen rabbit.The  one boy  is  give  food

to the rabbit.The  boy   is  like  to  play  with  the  rabbit  and  with  the    turttle. The boy like to give to the animal food because they like the animal. That is my favorite part when the boy is happy with all the animal because he is  in   the   zoo. I like the animal when I grow I would be in the zoo because I like animals. And my favorite animal is the cheetah, puma, the birds, and the monkey, the elephant, and the lion. I want to help these animals because I like to give the food to the animals and to the person who they no have food. When the animal is sick I go into the habitat to be good to the animal and I going to house to the animal. And when the boy come in the zoo I going to set if one to charge the animal and if the boy liked the animal and liked to give food to the animal.



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