March 27, 2015 Activity: Big History Website Scavenger Hunt

25 February , 2015
Crash Course Big History: The Big Bang

Big history opens our eyes on a different perspective on the world. Big history wants to go over everything, they want us to understand everything about the earth. They want our brains to comprehend what's going on in the universe around, things that are not in our history books. The big bang left behind everything that's here today, every star, every blueberry, mostly everything you see today. One billion of the matter is contributed in the big bang, around the big bang times the universe was every, every hot. It also states that the CBR is the finger print of the earth.

25 February, 2015

Visions of the Future: Big History

1. One problem effecting the world today is the climate changing. This is effecting the world today because the earth is getting warmer.

2. I think is probably will eventually effect the world because the ecosystem will be destroyed. With the Global Warning on the increase and species and their habits on the decrease, chances for ecosystems to adapt naturally are diminishing.

3. My solution to this problem is to stop Global Warning. We can help to solve Global Warning by not building buildings and growing more trees. We can also help by saving water and using less electric. Instead of driving your car and putting population in the air you can ride your bicycle.

25 February, 2015
What is Big History?(Lesson Comment)

I watched the first video and I learned about how this program was developed. I am excited to continue with this process because I want to learn outside the lines. In the my process to the end of the year, I will use this website to upload my work. I will also be uploading my process for this project as in grades. Each one of my post will look similar because I will be graded on the completeness of this project.

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