fifa 15 coins Maybe Qatar football stadium should be built on the rock

Maybe Qatar football stadium should be built on the rock, in the summer will be cooler.ugamefifa Inspiration or they should go through the nose of the camel: camel's nose has a heat exchange membrane, it can extract moisture from exhaled air, thereby cooling the head now, no one knows what the ultimate solution to this problem, including Qatar's 2022 World Cup, organizing Committee. Many people called for the matches will be played during the winter, this stadium would not have been so hot.

SINA sports news on Thursday, lost Barcelona striker Luis Suarez back on for a while in the view of fans, Uruguay in the Barcelona International Airport and took a flight to Switzerland in Lausanne. On Friday, the International Court of arbitration for sport will Suarez held a hearing about the severe punishment by FIFA, and Suarez will speak for yourself. And Suarez went to Lausanne with his lawyer Balbi in Brazil at the World Cup, Suarez's biting incident in the final group round of Uruguay and Italy's Carlo Cudicini.