by: Ally Condie

Matched is the first book in this series. Here is a short description of the book.

       Cassia Reyes lives in the Society, and she is preparing for her Matching Banquet! Cassia has been looking forward to this day as long as she can remember because she is going to finally know who her match is! (a match is like a spouse)  It is also her best friends, Xander. Cassia arrives excited for the food. As expected the food was the best she had ever tasted. Finally it is time for the Matching to begin! Cassia sits in her spot waiting and waiting for it to be her turn. "Cassia Reyes" an announcer says. She stands up looking at the screen waiting. Some voice says, "I am very sorry for this inconvenience, but it appears that your match is in here. Xander please stand. Cassia goes home and checks the micro card that she got. Everyone gets one about their match. But when she checks it Xander's face doesn't come up it is another boy. Although, Cassia knows this face too.

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3 years ago

So does she end up with the other boy? I thought she was going to be matched with Xander, or was she only hoping to be?