K-12 mLearning apps

Educational apps can be useful!

Sight Words for Reading

This app helps students learn sight words, words that are used every day. The words are presented in educational videos which help the students. Once the students watch the videos they are able to take a flash card quiz and they are different every time.

This app could be used for students who are learning sight words. It allows students to be engaged by asking questions at the end of each video to make sure they pay attention and are catching on to the sight words that are being presented.


This app can teach you how to speak in 6 languages, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and of course English.

This app could be used by anyone, anyone who is willing to learn a new language. It allows for people to be independent because they won't need someone to rely on when learning a new language and they can also work at their own pace.


This app allows teachers and their students to be actively engaged and collaborate ideas anytime and anywhere.

This app would be a great asset to the classroom because it gives students and teachers a safe and secure place to collaborate. It can be used for so that when students miss a class they are able to see the notes or assignments they may have missed because the teacher can post them on here.

Too Noisy Lite

This app lets teachers know when their classroom is getting too noisy, it keeps noise levels under control.

This app could be used by teachers everywhere. It can keep the students on track because it is noise sensitive. This app can make sure that the students don't get distracted by other things or are busy talking to their neighbors.


This app allows you to take notes and pictures, create lists of things to do, record voice reminders.

This app can be useful to any students who uses it properly. It can help students to stay organized by making the to-do lists and voice reminders. It can tell you when assignments are tests are coming or due so you'll be prepared.

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