What is important to me

Marcya Grudzina

Most Important Thing

My family is the most important thing to me. Over time, my family has changed and even the definition of family has changed. My first family was my mother, my father and myself for ten years. Then, my brother was born. Unfortunately, this family dissolved shortly after that and it was just my father, me and my brother. Some time later, my father married a really wonderful woman who had three children so my family became much larger. Now I had another mother, a sister and two more brothers! This has been my family for the most part of my adult life. Each of my siblings has brought a wonderful spouse to the family. I have two nieces and a nephew. Recently, my nephew became a father so I also have a great-nephew and a great-niece (which sounds very funny to me because obviously I'm not old enough to be a granny so how could my younger sister be one?) My husband, Grant and I have four children. Duncan is 14. Sophia is 13. Juliana is 11. Brynn is 8. If I could, I would spend every minute with the five of them. I think they are just about the greatest things in all the world. I never am as happy as when I am with them. It amazes me how these wonderful creatures could come from me!

Most Important People

My most important people are my friends. When I was fourteen, I met twins named Lenny & Lonnie. We met in Orchestra and became the best of friends. There was very little the three of us didn't do together. The Three Musketeers! We had other friends who hung around with us but no one ever came between us. Even as we got older and began dating, they had to understand we were close. In college, I introduced Lonnie to his future wife, because I had met her and I knew she was perfect for him. When Lenny got married the first time, I begged him not to marry her but he did. Ten years later, after his divorce, he let me set him up with the woman who would become his best wife. The boys never liked any of my boyfriends all that much, until I met Grant. Him, they liked, mostly because he was an even match for my goofiness and temper. Even today, the three of us are as close as ever. Not a week goes by without us seeing each other and we talk almost daily. There have been times in our lives, when our friendship was stronger than the ties of family and my children call them uncle.  Last year, when their father died in a horrible accident, it was a huge loss to me as well. I could never imagine my life without my guys.

Most Important Place

My most important place is Mindframe Theaters. My husband and his best friend, Steve, decided one night that they were going to re-open the Kennedy Mall Theaters. They woke me up around 2 in the morning to tell me their great news. I didn't believe them. Over the next few months they talked back and forth with the mall owners and negotiated a lease. One day, they made me come to a lawyer's office and we all signed a lease and BAM - we were opening a movie theater. We spent about six months cleaning and fixing things. We pulled up disgusting carpet from thirty years ago and put down new carpet and a lot of tile. We fixed pipes and ceilings and installed new fixtures. Then, we hired people to help us and opened the doors. Luckily, my husband knew the movie exhibition business because it is very complicated how movies come to theaters and the money side of things. I'm really proud of the work we do there. We have tried really hard to serve the community and not just be about money. We all love the movies and we think that everyone should get a chance to love the movies as well.  We are never going to be rich but hopefully, there will come a day when we have paid off the loans and we can


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