Coronado's Great Exploration Through The New World

          Hello Philip II, it has come to my attention that rumors have circulated about 7 gold cities in the New World. I wanted to explore this area and try to spread religion in this unexplored space. Of course if it's called a gold city, it must have riches that I can bring back and give it to the Spanish government. I will set sail in the year 1540 and I need at least 2,500 men and around 100,000 pesos for this expedition. England and France are trying to explore the entirety of the New World, so we must act quickly. I am not only the best man for the job,  but you can trust me because I am governor of the kingdom of Nueva Galicia. I hope you take this grant request into consideration, because I feel I am the only man who wouldn't run off with the riches of The New World.  

                                                                     Sincerely, Francisco Vásquez de Coronado

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