First Kill

Can You live the way of Death?

By: Brian Michel

Joss is a boy who wants to revenge his baby sister because she was taken from him by a blood sucking Vampire. When that happened he was both heartbroken and furiouse and vowed to avenge his sister if it was the last thing on Earth. Soon after three years of waiting he takes a journey of no return when he sets out with his uncle and more slayers to kill vampires and train to be a slayer and becomes one of the greatest slayers like his uncle Abraham.

After a 1-2 months of training he was accused of killing two highly trained Slayers after he went to sleep and allowed one of them to die because he went to sleep when  he accepted the challenge of being awake and for 4 days straight will no sleep and food. Also after he was running six laps and was attacked by three slayers, but the forth slayer was dead in the bushes.

Than he was finally becoming closer to a slayer after two months than soon went on a hunt with the experts who would cut off their heads of so they could not live no longer than what they have, but he was lost and a vampire from 600 years ago had nearly killed Joss but what saved with a lot of damage.

The next day he went on a hunt after a vampire than had broken his uncle Abrahams leg and came across a cabin with the widows that were painted black and  had 24 vampires discussing about killing the slayers. Also he made a noise that blew his cover and sent him fleeing, but in the process he manage to turn on the stove which made deadly fumes form in the cabin and when a vampire lit a lighter to see the cabin was blown to bits killing all 24 vampires in the cabin for good.

(40 Point Task)

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2 years ago

hope u guys enjoy the short summary

2 years ago

Where are the 3 other pages you have to link to?\ that explain character, setting, and plot?