College Majors Assignment

October 10th,2013

Degree/Major: High Performance Technician

College: University of Northwestern Ohio

Internal College: College of Applied Technologies

Department: High Performance Motorsports

Hours Required For Graduation: 2038

Program Overview: This major is designed for people who are interested and want to pursue a career in being a High Performance Technician. The purpose of this major is to prepare students for entry level positions in the high performance industry by acquiring the technical skills currently applicable to the industry.

Course Requirements: AU116 Manual Drive Trains & Axles

6AU117 Automatic Transmissions/Transaxle

6AU122 Automotive Engine Diagnosis & Repair

6AU123 Electrical & Electronics I

6AU126 Suspension & Steering

6AU127 Hydraulic Brake Systems

6AU128 Electrical & Electronics II

6AU130 Automotive Engine Performance

6AU290 Automotive Capstone

1HP101 High Performance Suspension & Steering

6HP102 High Performance Drive Lines

6HP105 High Performance Accessory Trends

6HP130 High Performance Engine Machining

6HP200 High Performance Fuel/Electronics/Ignition Systems

6HP201 High Performance Custom Engine Building

6HP210 High Performance Welding

6HP215 High Performance Fabrication

DP153 Digital Documents & Spreadsheets

3CO179 Introduction to Human Communication

3MH150 Technical Math

4UN110 First Year Experience

Contact Information: Phone:Phone: (419) 998-3120

Fax: (419) 998-3139


I was confused about what kind of careers are associated with a high performance technician degree but then I found out that you can get any mechanical position dealing with high performance automobiles with this degree.

3 careers associated with this major: Member of a race team, Mechanic at a performance machine shop, part of a sanctioning body, which is deciding on disciplinary action for rule infractions and deciding on rule changes in a sport inov

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