Poem Terms

Ballads: Mistakes

laments: To regret strongly.

Lyric: A Sketch

hedgerow: A fence formed by a row of closely planted shrubs or bushes.

bespeak: To express the need or desire for.

subdued: A manner of being quiet or depressed.

gait: A person's manner of walking.

Robert Frost: A Dream Pang

pensive: Showing thoughtful sadness.

abide: To dwell.

pang: A mental pain or distress.

Langston Hughes: Harlem

deferred: To put off to a later time; postpone.

fester: A sore that has become inflamed and formed pus.

Haiku: Lost Paths

kolkata: Capital of the Indian state of West Bengal.

proprietor: Someone who owns a business.

hawker: Someone who travels about selling his wares.

Limericks: Front Page News

peeved: Aroused to impatience or anger.