important place to be !

                           LaaLaa's Placee

A very important place to me is my house. Because there i can do whatever i want. I Feel very comfortable and relax their. when i’m at other people house i don’t have that same feeling i feel when i’m at my house. I have my own bed, and personal space, things i need and want their. Theres no place like home sweet home. When i’m at home the people in my household make me feel loved and always their for me when i need them. I live with my sister so she’s more like my 2nd mom, and thats my mom oldest daughter. when i’m at home i eat when i want, sleep when i want, watch t.v when i want, and mostly do anything I want. But when i’m at other people house I have to ask for permission and I bairley feel comfortable their. So my favorite and important place to be is at home knowing I can do whatever i want when I want and how I want. My house is always clean and neat, I have five persons in my household, My sister her babydaddy, her two sons and me. I love my household and we a happy family

important person

The most important person to me is my mother, her name is Sonia Rodgers and she means the world to me. I love my mother with all my heart she brought me in this world and I’m so happy of that.Without my mother I don’t know what I would do because she all I Have left as in parents. I would do anything for my mother because she do anything for me, she always their for me when i need her and their when hard times come. I really appreciate the things my mother do for me and how she care for me. When hard times come and i need somebody to talk to my mother always there for me. When i’m down she make me feel happy and proud of who I am. She has that mother touch and she loving and caring, she very sweet and nice, she kind and have a good heart. Whenever my mother down I’m always their for her and cheer her up and make her happy because she do the same, but I will always be there for my mother because I love her so much and I would do anything for her.

My phone

My phone is the most Important thing to me because without my phone life's boring. Without my phone I want be able to do half of the things I do when I’m on my phone. My phone means a lot to me, I can talk, text, get on the internet, take picture, record, play games, and do many other things. When i didn't have a phone life was difficult because I always had to use other people phone and i didn't like asking people for they phone i just wanted and needed my own phone. Now since I have a phone Its more easier for me to do things on my own phone. And I don’t have to worry about borrowing my friends and other people phones and having to wait till they finish just to use it. I named my phone peach that's how much i care about it and i treat it like a real person because if i miss treat it, it would break and not work no more, so i try my best to keep up with it. I’m a very clumsy person so when i drop my phone i get mad and have an attitude because my phone would crack and that makes me sad.

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