Harley Davidson

By Taylor, Jaden, Alexa, Aaron, Emma, and Brittany

Invented in 1903

1st Harley-Davidson invented is the picture above

1903: Arthur Davidson and William S. Harley adapt a bicycle into a racer with a 3-1/2 inch stroke. They built 3 motorcycles in a 10' x 15' shed.

1905: 1st Harley-Davidson employee is hired.

1909: Company introduces first motorcycle that could go 60 miles per hour.

1918: Harley Davidson sells about half of its motorcycles it builds to the US military for use in world war I and II About 20,000 are used throughout the war.

1919: Introduced a sport model

1928: Harley Davidson now incorporates front wheel brakes

1941: Durring Great Depression, they spiffed up with graphic designs. Such as an art decoy eagle on the gas tank

1941: Survived Great Depression

1943: Harley Davidson receives the army navy "E" award.

1957: New sports stir motorcycle introduced the 1st of the heavy weight "super-bike"

1965: Electric starts are now available on some Harley Davidson models

1971: New style the "Cruiser" is introduced

1977: The innovative Low Rider style of motorcycle is introduced for sale

1984: Releases the 1340cc VC Evolution engine and this engine took 7 years to develop. It's more powerful and runs cooler and cleaner than previous engines

2001: 115 horsepower strong, the VRSCA V-Rod becomes the first motorcycle whose engine combines fuel injection, overhead cams, and water cooling

2003: Celebrates 100 year anniversary.

2006: Harley

Most modern Harley-Davidson is listed down below

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