Free beer and pizza!

For anyone who helps us define the future of healthcare media.

Our company, MedCity Media, was started nearly 5 years ago now by Chris Seper in Cleveland. Chris is/was a journalist who worked the tech beat with the Plain Dealer and saw an opportunity to build a new, digital-first media company focused on the business of innovation in healthcare. I was lucky to join the team 2 years ago to lead product innovation. This is a lofty title that really means I am the only tech and design person in the company responsible for building and maintaining our products which includes the blog, and bunch of other services we run for our readers and advertisers. I've loved every day and have seen us heave and ho through hirings, failures, tight times and happy times.

We can now confidently say that we are the leading online publication focused on this massive area of healthcare that we feel is relevant to both our core business audience and patients (i.e. everyone) who are interested in what's coming next in medical innovation.

But we want to be bigger and we want to get their faster. We've worked hard to stay a step ahead of our competitors but we know there are a lot of things we could do now to help us take a great leap. One of those things is a complete redesign of our website. Ours works, but we are jealous of Mashable, Quartz, The Verge and others.

Did I mention that I am the only tech and design person on the team?

So ... I need your help. I need UXers, UIers, designers, hackers or anyone interested in digital publishing or healthcare to help us brainstorm what we can do next. I'll provide pizza and beer. So you might just be someone who is interested in pizza and beer. That's fine. We'll sketch out site architectures, users flows, wireframes, personas and generally throw ideas onto our office walls. I think it will be a fun and worthwhile experience for anyone interested in the product design. But most of all, I will be hugely grateful.

What do you think? Are you in? Date TBD.

Please email me.

Thank you!

Paul McAvinchey


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