City of Dreams

Come and visit this wonderful city!

     First of all I can tell you that London is a very rainy city.  I can tell you that because I have been there twice .  You should probably take a jacket to London.  Summers in London are warm and sometimes hot.  You should always take jackets, shorts, and also pants because in London you never know what is going to happen.  They say that in London 2 out of 10 summer days rain.

     Lets talk about the best hotels in London.  The Rubens at the Place hotel is a five star hotel that includes casinos, horseback riding, and golfing.  It is an awesome hotel.  St James hotel also is an spectacular hotel.  It is very big and it is located in a old but beautiful building.  Lastly another very good hotel is the one aldwich hotel.  It is very good and it is mainly used for business man.

     I guess you want to know some tourist attractions.  I can tell you there are many but I will tell you the 3 best known.  The first one is Buckingham palace it is where the queen lives and of course everyone wants to know the queen.  Then you would want to see the Big Ben which is very famous because of its name also.  Lastly you would want to go to the London Eye, it is a big Feris Wheel and you can see the whole city when you are at the top.

    Lets talk about the typical food of England.  One typical food is fish and chips you can eat that everywhere in the city.  One good restaurant is Ledbury and it is a five star in the Micheline Guide its website is Another good restaurant is Dinner by Heston Bluhental.  It is awesome and its website is avery good website which is very nicley decorated  Lastly another good restaurant is the Gordon Ramsey which serves typical food its website is very good and you would love to visit it

     Lets talk about the best online newspapers in London.  One is the London Daily it has many cool information and its website is  Another good online newspaper is City A.M it has many information about businesses its website is  These newspapers are very cool.

     This is the conclusion paragraph.  I hope you are convinced to visit this city.  It is a very nice city and i can tell you this because I have been here twice.  This city is the best in the world.

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