Entree:I choose homes for a tadpole because it looked very instering to test what a tadpole would live in.I found out that a tadpole would mostly live in creek water.I did a data table of 3 trys and did the average of it to find what would a tadpole live in.I tried 3 different water and different tests and average the test up.I would have did nothing differently because what I did was what i was suppose to do in a expirment.

Sides:On my 1st side item, I did the cause and effect charts.I also did concept map about energy.I did 10 cause and effects and I made summary.On my 2nd side item, I did patterns.I wrote about moon pharses , seasons , and tides.I did similatires and differences. I wrote that my favorite topic was moon pharses and i drew the moon pharses with the sum on the right.

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