Good/Bad Logos

Good Logos-  The good logos I found showed a well representation of exactly what the business or person stands for. Starting with the Bob Marley logo, I believed it was good because it shows an idea of who he was and what he stood up for. The Domino's Pizza logo has always stayed in my memory because of the colors. Usually in business logos when using yellows, oranges or reds they stay in your memory. Glamor Kills is on of my favorite logos because it is different yet simple. The Mercedes Benz logo is simple yet it shows how classy the brand is, not only classy yet just by looking at the logo it just looks expensive. Lastly, the Walt Disney pictures logo, is one of the most popular logos around the world.

Bad Logos-  Starting with the highlight logo, many reviewers said that this was considered one of the worst logos because looking at causes your head to hurt or for you to feel dizzy. The pepsi logo is considered bad because it is an example of weight gain as some would say, because sodas aren't healthy for you. AOL is still existing (America Outline) and has tried to rebrand itself. This logo shows absolutely no information about what the company does. Capns Saloon Steakhouse logo is pretty bad considering it is a steakhouse and it has no image or anything shown relating to its area of business. Lastly, I believe  The Sign Shop could've done many things when making their logo. Yet, their sign is simple yet doesn't show much.

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