Exploration and Colonization 1519-1821.

Summer TLAP Lesson Ms. Daisy Palomo

Get ready to get your mind blown away.  This summer I have had the opportunity to attend professional development from AVID, 2015 TEKS Conference, IB Training, read interesting educator books and novels, learn about 3 foldables, lap books, and how to navigate and maximize the usage of my IFD in my TEK Resource website.  Oh and OMG interact with my MISD Technology Dept. by learning how to use sites like this one... TACKK!  Let's get a great big shout out to Ann Vega!  Thank you.  

This is my first TACKK and with practice I will get much better at it so please bare with me...and I apologize if you think this just BASIC.  

Please click on the embedded link to the daisy.palomo@mcallenisd.net to be able to view the TLAP Lesson Plan on God, Gold, and Glory.

This lesson is not in the IB template but you can get the gist of what I do in my classroom.  I really enjoyed Dave Burgess's book on Teach Like a Pirate which helped me amp the wow factor on creating activities that would captivate and engage my students.  I just attended the 2015 TEKS Conference in San Antonio, Texas and I learned that the teacher has to yes by all means motivate and engage the students, but find a BALANCE between the learning "Fun" activities and the curriculum content.  The activity HOOKS should not be a distractor for us or the students taking us away from our content pacing, but rather be utilized as a powerful tool to enhance the learning experience.  

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2 years ago

This was very interesting. I did manage to use 11 TLAP Hooks.