Alex Bauermeister S&E Marketing Final

Find and evaluate a movie poster (must include a picture of the poster)

I think it does draw attention because it uses bold lettering to make the white words stand out against the dark colored background. Also Mark Wahlberg is known for being in intense actions movies. Another reason it draws attention is because you see a large portion of the guys face and shows that he is some sort of leader in the military and something must have happened to the group he was with or maybe he just travels around by himself in the army. Also the poster uses dark colors so makes you think that the movie has to do something while he is in the dark alone, it draws more attention to the guys face and makes you wonder what happened or what he is doing. What I think this movie could be about is obviously he is in the military or in the army something happened to a squad or he got separated and he is on his own trying to survive by himself and trying to beat the enemy.

Find and evaluate a movie trailer

No, I think that most of the clips came from the middle of the movie because it shows the Spartans and the Persians in the middle of the navel battle. But it also shows some of the parts from the begging of the movie like where Xercius is ridding on the horse after defeating the Spartans of 300. I think that the clips from the movie appeal to teenage boys or people who like a lot of action and battling in a movie. Also people who followed and watched the first 300 and are looking to watch the sequel to the movie. Yes the trailer shows the climax which is the battle between the Spartans and the Persians that has been going on since the Spartans are defending their city after the defeat of 300. The music builds up the suspense and just the drive for war and killing people get you pumped up and just want to go do something really gets the blood flowing. Yes the trailer does a very good job of portraying the general feel of the movie which is thrilling, in the trailer you see a guy jumping from a cliff onto a boat and attacking the Persians. Also you see that the Spartans are preparing for war against the Persians for a navel battle. so yes it does a great job at portraying the feel of the movie with all of the action and all the killing and also the great selection of beats and music to go along with all the action.

What do you think are the most important things for artists to remember if they are going to try to build their musical careers without the help of a label, even an independent one?

The most important things for an independent artist. I think the first important thing is Give Your Supporters Something to Believe In meaning take yourself out of the box drop a few freestyles periodically and kick a few freestyles at your live shows. Learn how to book your own shows and become a self-reliant machine. If you perform at a venue you should be the first person there and the last person to leave. Don't be afraid to work the room by shaking hands and having extended conversations with the supporters. Network with owners and artists in other cities. Another one would be you need a budget you'll need to find different ways to invest in yourself. You also need to discover ways to gain sponsorships. Save money and apply it to your career, apply them to a video, a PR campaign, marketing, graphic design. Another thing you will need to do as an independent artist is learn about Marketing, Branding and Name Recognition. Meaning learn to market yourself and being able to create that buzz about your name and your music get people to support your music and your self as an artist. The power of your branding is in your hands. This can easily start with posters, stickers and mix-tapes to hand out. You need to find creative ways to keep your name alive and active in the heart and minds of your listeners and the groups of people.

Write about what you believe are the top 3 marketing strategies movie marketers should use and why.

The #1 most effective marketing strategies for movies would be the use of social media effectively, making things interactive and having extras on the web for the die hard fans or just the fans could use to figure out special things and also to create the buzz to people like when people hash-tag a certain phrase on Facebook and on twitter or when someone re-tweets something quotes it or post about it get all of their friends to see the information and probably to check out the show and see what all of the buzz everyone is talking about. The 2nd most important thing would have to be having a variety of trailer, TV commercials to give people a little more insight and a little longer of a sneak peak and for more people to get more attached and want to see the whole movie to learn about it. It also creates more people going on the internet to watch the trailers and showing other people than you create the social media buzz and more people talking about it to each other.

If you ran your own amusement or theme park, what additional value would you offer that would encourage people to either stay longer or spend more money? Explain in detail.

If I ran my own amusement park or theme park some of the things i would offer that would make people wanna stay longer and spend more money is I if you came in consecutive days or a certain times in a week you would be getting discounts off of each of the ticket that you bought so that you would keep on coking back more and more times in a week or come back more often. Also could make on certain days when you come to the theme park you would get 20% or 30% off a purchase one per person. Also if you buy your ticket a certain time in advance so that they know when to expect and how much to expect they will give you wristbands to cut the line and get some certain perks that others cant get. Also make it where you pay a certain amount more and you can get into the amusement park an hour or 2 earlier than everyone else so you can have the whole park to yourself until they open the doors.

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