Roman Food

Vespasian Era - Domitian

In Ancient Rome, food was extremely critical to the people. Not only was it something that had to be eaten to keep their bodies running, meals were a social time.

Masada is Located in Modern day Israel

The Romans ate many dishes consisting of meat, fish, fruits, and grain. The wealthier you were the more exotic you ate. Romans were known for they're jaded palates, eating things like ostrich in mint sauce.

Roman Globuli

Globuli was eaten by the rich because it was complicated to make, and it took expensive ingredients.

Fried Cheese Balls Mixed With Semolina

Pear Patina

A custard/casserole made up of pears and spices. Eaten by the highest class, the ingredients were very expensive back then. It is a pain to

Roman Libum Cheesecake

A baked dough made of Ricotta, Flour, and Honey. Eaten by the elite of Rome because it took special ingredients, and was meticulous to prepare.

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