Relocation option opens up opportunities

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Welcome back from spring break! I know, it wasn’t long enough, but I hope that everyone had a nice break from classes.

I wanted to take some time to tell everyone about a really cool process that I’ve experienced through Ohio University called Relocation. For all the high school senior out there, I know what it feels like to be graduating high school in less than 3 months and still asking myself “where am I going to go to college?” or “what would I even major in?” Choosing a college is a big deal, and it makes the process so much easier when you know the options you have. Relocation is one of those options and I really want to make sure everyone knows about it.

I actually didn’t start out my academic career dreaming about OU-C. I had every intention of going to a college with a huge campus and a ton of students.
As it usually does, life threw me a few curveballs. I ended up checking out OU-C, and decided that it was the most realistic option I had. The tuition was surprisingly affordable, and I could keep my job while I went to college. I’m not going to lie to you all, I was in the mindset that I was never going to have the big college campus experience that I was longing for.

Here’s the twist: going to OU-C turned out to be the best academic decision I’ve ever made.

As I said, I truthfully had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I just knew that I was going to get some type of degree. The problem was that I couldn’t find any degree offered through Chillicothe that I was interested in.

My 1st year as a student was coming close to an end when I applied for a student employment position on campus. I was so relieved when I got the job. I finally found a work place that worked around my class schedule and respected me.

At the time, I was taking my second Sign Language class and I became really interested in language and hearing disorders. Jaime Lowe, the Coordinator of Student Services, introduced me to the idea of taking all the classes I could get at OU-C and then relocating to the Athens campus for my final classes. After checking into it, I found a major that Athens offered that I knew I would love (Communication Sciences and Disorders).

During the end of my junior year, I registered for my Athens classes. Everything really seemed to just fall into place after that. The work experience that I received from my position as a Student Assistant in the Admissions and Registration Office actually helped me to get another campus job in Athens as a Telerecruiter.
I really did get the best of both worlds; I got the community involvement that I love from OU-C, as well as the huge campus environment that I wanted so badly to experience.

OU-C offers so much more than I think students realize, and Relocation is something I feel needs to be discussed. So I wanted to put my story out there and let everyone know that I’ve been there, done that, and it’s been the greatest college adventure I could have ever asked for.