By: Maddox Daniels


Have you ever wanted super powers? Like to fly or to teleport or something cool? Well at this house there is nothing but super powers. This story is going to be crazy and filled with exiting adventures.  We fight for a right.

One day me, my brother , and my mom where watching the news and a breaking news came on and it said "There has been a devastating fire at the library." We thought it was suspicious that it was at a library. When we went to go check it out, there was a steel rod laying right in the middle of the library. What was funny is that inside the rod was gun powder.


When we looked in the metal rod, I figured out that the gun powder had been sparked and I told my family to run. We took of running and dove into the ashes to take cover right as it exploded. Everything was on fire. We stood up and saw the librarian on her knees crying. My family and I went over there and said "Are you okay?"

Then she said "I'm okay. I'm just sad that my library is destroyed." We helped her up and brought her to my house. When we got back to the house, we gave her soup, cheese, and water. She shoved all of it down her throat and took a nap on the recliner.   


        When she woke up she found herself laying on a curb. We had to put her there because we found out that she saw my sisters super hero suit. As soon as we got back we got a call from General Swayze. He knew that we had super powers, so he called us and said, "We have found out who started the fire." We slowly asked who, and he said, "ELECTRO started it!" We put on our suits and got into the swag mobile and took off to save the city. We stopped at the police department and asked for Swayze. They said, " He's not in at this moment." We all wondered where he could be then I realized that he's at the library.

When we got there we saw him and asked, "Where is Electro?" Genaral Swayze simply said, "I don't know."  There was a loud lightning strike out of the purple. We looked up and there flying around was Electro.


I stretched up there and I punched him one good time. Then I tried to do it again and he caught my fist and shocked me. My mom got mad, flew up, and froze Electro's arm. Then he melted it off in the blink of an eye.  She tried to punch him but he shot a lighting bolt out of his hand and knocked her right out of the air. She fell on a car and shattered the wind shield. My dad was furious so he jumped up there and punched Electro right in the face Electro fell out of the air and my sis put up a car with her force. Electro hit it and got knocked out. Then I got up grabbed the car and stretched all the way to the most dangerous jail, ALCATRAZ!

My family ran over to mom and she was breathing but she was out. We went to the SHSL, which stands for Super Hero Secret Lab. We layed her on the bed in Dr. AcWall's office.


    She finally woke up and said, " Where am I?" I said, " Your in the hospital." she said okay and sat up. She got out of the bed and said, " GET ME OUT OF HERE!" She ran out the door and Lizy, my sister, went with her. Dad and I stayed, paid, got the meds, and left. When we got home the phone was ringing and it was Genaral Swayze. He said that Electro is locked up and never getting out.

     My family and I cheered and went out to eat. Everything turned out to be good. Mom, dad, and I were perfectly fine and the war ended.

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