Benvolio Act 5

Act 5 : Benvolio, Jungkuk Park, Period 3

How come these sorrowful situations happen together? So many people died recently. Paris, Tybalt, and my good friends, Mercutio and Romeo, and my aunt died. Also, Romeo’s lover Juliet is not living anymore too just because of two families. I had always thought that two houses, Capulet and Montague have to stay in good relationship and from this time, I think they might knew the seriousness of it. Also, I was really shocked that Romeo was loving somebody, not Rosaline any more. At first, I could not believe it when I heard it. I thought Romeo was still loving Rosaline and he looked like he is sad because of her. If I knew that Romeo and Juliet were loving each other, I think I could help them. O, poor Romeo. One more good friend died because of this petty relationship. Only one good thing is that two houses, Montague and Capulet finally finished this cursed relationship and made peace. We promised to make statue of Juliet and Capulet promised to make statue of Romeo to celebrate their love forever. I wish no more victims like Romeo and Juliet appears again because of any petty relationships between houses. And I hope this peaceful relationship never changes again.

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2 years ago

Mercutio: Gosh my curse didn't work! I hoped Capulets and Montagues become more far apart. Peace will come to Verona and I'm not there in Verona. My life I think was just a waste! I should not have fight with Tybalt and not die!