By Jared Howard

The Beginning

In 1969 the Daily Planet opened to help young adults that were out of school .  These teenagers needed help, desperately.  It started to provide homes, food, medical, and therapy needs to help them be integrated back into the real world.  The Daily Planet helped many people get back up on their feet and support themselves.

What They Provide

The Daily Planet provides many services including a Primary Health Care Clinic to behavior, eye, and dental health.  These services are provided for many kids and adults.  These programs are also provided for those who are homeless and can't help being homeless.  They provide medical and health needs to the homeless too.  The Daily Planet supports homeless people's daily lives, like hygiene purposes.  These programs are offered to those who don't have insurance too across the Richmond Area.  

Their Mission

The Daily Planet's mission is to give health and medical opportunities to those that do not have the luxury of it, like the homeless.

Personal Stories

Vicky Dupree

As you can see the Daily Planet helped her with her teeth.  The great thing is that they have helped countless others with these problems too.  Here are some more I could find:

William L. Berry:

James Bickerstaff:

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