Chapter 2 project Hot Hot Hot!!!

By: A.Baker

Activity 1

The System of Inequalities for the number of pints for each kind of sauce you make is: Green Peppers: Y<-5/4x+262.5

Hot Chili Peppers: Y<-1/2x+150

So with this knowledge if I was to produce a 100 pints of sauce, I would approximately have around 150 green peppers left over.

Activity 2

In order for me to maximize my profits I should make 150 pints of the red hot sauce. And 75 pints of the scorchin' hot sauce. And the maximum profit would be $255.00.

Activity 3

                                      Pricing for ingredients at Walmart:

I would probably sell the Red Hot Sauce for $8.25 per pint,

and the scorchin' Hot Sauce for $9.48 per pint.

Activity 4

If I were to have my hot sauce sold in a supermarket chain, a local grocery store, and a speciality store. If the supermarket chain orders 288 pt every 8 weeks, and the grocery store buys 60 pt every 4 weeks, and the speciality store will buy 24 pt every week.

Then I would have to make 75 pints per week.

My profit analysis of producing Sizzlin, Sauces is that your making 75 pints of sauce each week. A pint of Red Hot Sauce will cost $ 7.05 to make it. Also for a pint of Scorchin' Hot Sauce will cost $8.25 to make. I would sell Red Hot Sauce for $8.50 per pint, and Scorchin' Hot Sauce $9.48 per pint. This will Brings in a maximum profit of approximately $255.00.

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