Inferences from...........

                              The Sleeping Beauty

A Fairy Tale by Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm  

Perla Quintero

1. Picture on page 2

Inference- 12 women are coming inside the castle. The castle is having a party because the entrance is wide opened.

Picture on page 4

Inference- The 12 women are looking at the baby and admiring her. The baby is a princess.

Picture on page 5

Inference- There was 13 woman but the 13th one is evil and the women put the princess a spell.

Statement on Page 6

"When the kings daughter is fifteen, she will prick her finger on a a spindle and fall down dead.

Inference- On the 15th birthday of the little girl, she will touch or poke her finger one a screw she will go to sleep for a long time.

Statement on Page 6

"The king's daughter will not die, but fall asleep, and she will asleep for a hundred years".

Inference- One of the last woman had not given the girl a magic gift, because the evil woman came in the door, after the bad woman left the woman gave her the gift to not die but to sleep.

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