Diana Gallegos AB2


My name is Diana Gallegos, I'm from Victoria City.
I'm 18 years old, I'm a student of UPV.
I live with my family, my mother's name is Flavia alvarez, my father's name is Horacio Gallegos, and I have two brothers, their names are Jairo, he is 22 years old, and Daniel, he is 11 years old, I'm not married but I have a Daughter, her name is Paola Gallegos and she has 4 years old , she study in the kindergarten.
I live in 38 henequenal street, Victoria city.
My thelephone number is 3065364 and my cellphone is 8341174878.
I want to learn english 'cause is an international language, and easily I can find a good job, too I want to travel and visit new places around the world and meet a new people.



The Famous Chapultepec Castle

Chapultepec castle is located in the center of Chapultepec park, located in Mexico city.

It is the Only Royal castle in America, was built in the time of the viceroyailty of new spain as a summer house for the viceroy.

Was given a veriety of uses, from gunpowder store until military academy in 1841, was also the oficial residence of the emperor Maximilian I of Mexico.

On september 13, 1847, young heroes died defending the Palace, when it was taken by American soldiers during the battle of Chapultepec. Currently cadets are honored by a monument at the entrance of chapultepec park, and both the collective name "young heores" as the individual names of the cadets are commonly inspiration.

My House

I live in a modern house in Victoria City. It's normal, but it's nice.

There are three bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a dinig room and a bathroom.

The bedrooms has two windows every one. The living room has a three sofas, one is in front of the window next to the tv. The mirror is next to the door. The bathroom is between two bedrooms, the house has a little garden in front of the house. The garden has flowers, plants and a little lemon tree.

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