Help Heal the Hurt Hearts!

62 million human beings has commited suicide in the last 100 years, due to racism!

Racism is becoming a trending global issue, not only in the United States, but all over the world. Racism is mostly happening to young adults now. Acorrding to the studies, every year a population of 100,000 people: 1,369.2 African Americans and 895.6 causasians commit suicide due to racism and discrimination. 20% of  every 100,000,000 million people are affected by racism. There isn't enough attention being put onto racism. Being judgmental to others can make a difference in how a person look at life.

Racism can be a famiy heritage. But, racism can also make a person feel insecure about themselves. Everybody should be treated equally, no matter what the race may be. The people that are being accused of racism needs serious punishment. It's a pethi

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