Learning Five Truths About Diabetes

The lifestyle of the citizens in Singapore is slowly following that of the other first-world countries. This is evident in the escalating number of diabetes patients. To provide pertinent information about this topic, o level tuition centre singapore provide specialized instruction of this debilitating ailment. The importance of the role of tuition centers is supported by the idea that regular schools are not able to provide sufficient discussion on this disease. In line with this, five facts about diabetes which are commonly taught in tuition centers are discussed below.

Impact. Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases nowadays. In fact, latest data show that it affects 382 million people worldwide and this value exceeds the total combined number of AIDS and breast cancer cases. Consequently, the financial impact attributed to diabetes due to hospitalization and healthcare costs is the one of the highest in the world. Such subject matter is not discussed in detail in schools today due limited class hours. Fortunately,tuition centres in singapore offer comprehensive teaching on the impact of diabetes in Singapore and in the whole world.

Insulin. Insulin is a chemical substance produced by pancreas that facilitates the entrance of glucose particles into the cells. First, it is important to emphasize that all food items like burgers, cakes or rice, when ingested by the human body, is degraded into glucose particles. Glucose is essential for proper bodily functions. In patients with diabetes, their insulin level is hampered or totally absent. Thus, patients with diabetes have impaired glucose absorption abilities.

Type I Diabetes. The first type of diabetes refers to the absolute inability of the human body to produce insulin. This means that a person with this disease needs lifetime injection of insulin. Such event happened spontaneously at the cellular level. Hence, a person with Type I diabetes does not have control over the prevention of this ailment. Fortunately, Type diabetes occurs only in 10% of the total diabetes patients worldwide.

Type 2 Diabetes. This type of diabetes explains that the pancreas can produce insulin but only in small amounts. Unlike type I diabetes, type 2 is a gradual process which happened as a result of improper weight management and sedentary lifestyle of the person. Accordingly, this means that type 2 diabetes can be prevented through healthy lifestyle and proper exercise.

Cure. At present, no single method is recognized by scientists and medical doctors as the cure to diabetes of both types. The solutions offered by professionals nowadays focus mostly on symptoms management. On the other hand, immune-dilation, metabolic surgery and pancreas transplant characterize the more radical measures to address diabetes.

Tuition centres in Singapore are doing a good job of educating the students of the nature and consequences of diabetes. However, regular schools must integrate this kind of instruction in their curriculum in order to educate and prevent the young generation from becoming victims of diabetes.