The greatest lad who change the phone world

Liam, A very hard Working lad with determination and pasion,the peotinal to go futher than he already is.

Liams carrer started of when he join BSA in 2014, after the years at the best school ever he aced all his exams and found a job straight away working as an employe at Apple, with hard and caring work he saved up alot of money to start a task that would change his life forever..  his amazing idea was to create a much more unique phone then like any others, in doing so Liam got materials, helpers and started the project that lasted 3 years.

Liam took his chances with the phone market when everything was cheap and then has he got closer to producing his product the market price shot up and be for he knew it he was a billionair.

now Liam lives in a massive mordern sized house all to him self will his workers create even more phone to make "The one and only man" have billions again.


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