mobile apps for K-6

1. Story Wheel Lite

This app can be used in class for younger students. Designed to work in groups each child creates part of a story and voice records what they think should happen based on the images the app give when the wheel is spun. This would be an excellent tool for imaginative kindergarten students who may not have the writing ability to tell their stories yet. It would also help foster peer cooperation.

2. Phoem

This app has students pic four photos and then create a story or poem to go with the photos. I think for younger students this could be a great teacher lead activity. Students could pick the photos, maybe using the SMART board random name picker for who gets to choose, and then as the teacher I would guide a discussion to what the story (or poem) is to go along with the photos. We can then add text to the photos. This would be valuable to teach rhyming, context, and cooperation.

3.  Zoodle Pad

This Fun art tool on the iPad could be used for drawing and creative projects in class. Kids could be asked to draw a specific favourite thing, or activity and then get to present it to the class. While working on representation through art, they would also get to share with the group and build presentation skills

4.  Dvolver Movie Maker

An interactive movie making app. Probably best for Grades 4+ due to the vocabulary used on the app. Students can choose a setting, characters and type of situation and create their own movie using their own text. Could be used to supplement a writing project, or summarize a chapter of a book or story that was presented in class or as homework.

5. utellstory

This would be an excellent app to use when coming back from summer or winter break for studetns to tell a story of what they did on vacation. They could be asked to get a couple photos from their holiday (or use a previously mention app like Zoodle to draw pictures) and then create a movie telling stories to their classmates about what they did.

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