Developing Database Applications

Windows application builder is a tool for designing and developing database applications without writing any code. And you don't have to be a software programmer to do it. With its intuitive integrated development environment and drag-and-drop objects, it's quick to learn and easy to use. It requires no programming knowledge whatsoever. You'll be amazed with the powerful functionality and stylish visual appeal that Pika Software Application Builder puts at your mouse-clicking fingertip.

We are thrilled to see Window Builder emerge as a new open source project, and we are excited to work with the Eclipse community to grow and evolve the tool. We are in the process of getting the initial code contributions into Eclipse and into the IP review process. In the meantime, if you are interested in the project.

Pika Software Builder is web application generator will create advanced web apps straight from your database. These web applications are rich with features, such as adaptive filtering, search bars, reporting, charts, and data sheet view. All you need is a database, and you can impress your customers and peers in a few short minutes. Your enterprise-class web app will be ready for immediate deployment to your own server, shared, or dedicated hosting provider. You can even deploy directly to the cloud.

Pika allows you to create feature rich database applications in less than a day with little or no programming knowledge. The program fully exploits the latest component and database technologies to deliver state-of-the-art applications in a fraction of the time and cost as was previously possible. Pika techniques to deliver fully functioning applications ready to be put into production.

Pika Applications Manager is an enterprise-ready, easy-to-use, affordable application management solution that helps enterprises monitor their mission-critical applications and data centers effectively. It enables you to monitor web applications, web servers, application servers, databases, and systems which are the lifeline of businesses. Its heterogeneous monitoring capability and business centric view helps the IT Team to troubleshoot application performance issues quickly. The main aim of the software is to allow you to create feature rich software for your end users. End users can modify many of their data views to group or sort based on their needs, and app maker saves these views to automatically apply them on the user’s next visit to the screen.

App maker has other abilities that have been created with the database author in mind. These features are not revealed to the end users. This includes a full-blown SQL Query Builder to assist with building your SQL Statements, or for less experienced developers, we include an application-building wizard.

Building web applications is a difficult ordeal - you will need to build everything from scratch, including a business logic layer, data access layer, and more. And this is just for a basic application. Add a sophisticated user interface to that, and advanced features such as reporting and charting. Once you get past all the bugs and integration issues that may arise, months may have passed. And if project requirements change, you might have to change everything. For more information visit the site

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