University of Texas

By: Mitchell Lee

College Research


- For admission into UT you are required to have 4 Math, English, Social Studies, and Science Classes. 2 Foreign Languages, 1 Fine Art, 1 Physical Education, and 6 Elective Course.

-The deadline to apply for fall admissions is December 1. The application fee is $75.

Academic Costs:

-One year's tuition at UT is $9,798

-Books are around $750 per year


How to apply for scholarships

  1. Complete an ApplyTexas application for admission and select UT Austin as your university.
  2. Submit the admission, scholarship, and essay sections of the application. December first   is the deadline.
  3. Some scholarships require special essays or letters of recommendation.

Housing Costs:

Steps to getting housing on Campus

1. Submit housing application

2. Return and accept your contract

3. Select housing preferences

4. Receive assignment

Housing costs around $10,000 on campus


-UT employs around 10,000 students per semester

-There are both Academic and  Non-Academic jobs available

- Begin looking for jobs with the graduate advisor of the department you are interested in

Campus Visits

- Visits take place Monday though Friday at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM, and Saturday at 10:00 AM

- You must sign up to be in a Campus Visit


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